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Million Colors offers both retail and wholesale channels. Our retail line includes in-house designs carefully curated for comfort and style. You can shop these styles directly on this website.

This season, our collection revolves around celebrating the enchanting beauty and warmth of autumn and winter while highlighting the chic and contemporary dresses and sweaters that can be mix and matched in the collection. The campaign will focus on the comfort and style that these pieces bring to the young women who wear them, making them feel cozy, confident, and effortlessly fashionable throughout the cooler seasons.

Cozy Sweater

The Eloise Sweater

Soft fabrics

Sophie Cardigan

Cute Tops

Arleen Tank Top

Casual Dresses

Harper Dress


Testimonials from some of our favorite buyers

These are great for my customers ... I have only heard great things and even one favorite customer of mine came in yesterday asking me to restock so she could get some for her friends! Have only had good experiences so far and the packing quality and shipping time was better than expected.

- Samantha 3/6/2023

Million Colors never disappoints. Great quality fabric. Always fast shipping.

- Leigh 8/23/23

Love love this brand and order from it all the time!

- Nataley 10/26/23